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Encino Hospital Medical Center to Launch First Geriatric Emergency Room ("Senior ER") and Geriatric Inpatient Unit in Southern California

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Encino Hospital Medical Center to Launch First Geriatric Emergency Room ("Senior ER") and Geriatric Inpatient Unit in Southern California

Encino Hospital Medical Center ("EHMC") today announced the creation of a new program, designed to provide superior geriatric care to seniors (65+), from their initial Emergency Room ("ER") experience to the time of discharge and post-discharge. When the specialized services, Senior ER and Geriatric Inpatient Unit are opened to patients on March 2, 2015, EHMC will become Southern California's first hospital to offer this level of coordinated and specialized geriatric care.

The program was developed in collaboration with Emergent Medical Associates ("EMA"), Encino's Emergency Department's partner, and it will be supervised by EMA's Regional Director and Encino Hospital's Emergency Room Director, Dr. Jason Greenspan. Inpatient care, if necessary, may continue in the Geriatric Inpatient Unit, led by Dr. David H. Stern, Medical Director of S+AGE® (the Specialized Ambulatory Geriatric Evaluation Center.)

It has become obvious to experts in the field that the best medical care for senior citizens requires certain changes from standard medical practice. As patients age, their medical histories become complicated, they take multiple medications with potentially negative interactions, and patients may have functional and cognitive impairments that complicate treatment. As director of the ER, Dr. Greenspan, along with Dr. Stern, and the S+AGE team, have taken notice of these issues and have developed plans to make the emergency visit and hospital stay more comfortable and more effective. The physical features of the geriatric rooms will be altered to provide comfort and safety: walls will be painted in soft colors, mattresses will be thicker than usual, floors will be made of nonskid materials, and handrails will be present. Inpatient geriatric rooms will be private. Nurses working in the ER will have special training in assessing the medical condition of geriatric patients and in caring for them. A team of physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, case managers, social workers, and dieticians, all specialists in the care of the elderly, will be available and called upon to treat the individual patient, in various combinations, as needed. Daily reviews of patients in the Inpatient Geriatric Unit will ensure appropriate care while the patient is hospitalized and help establish guidelines for care after he or she returns home.

Dr. Sunny Bhatia, Chief Medical Officer of Encino Hospital Medical Center, praised this new program, recognizing that by integrating high-level acute care in the ER with state of the art inpatient and ambulatory geriatric services this collaboration that brings together EMA, S+AGE®, and EHMC will allow Encino Hospital to provide the finest geriatric care in the San Fernando Valley.

An "Open House" Grand Opening event will take place Wednesday, February 25, 2015, from 4-6 pm. Media/Press Event only will be from 11-12 pm.

About Encino Hospital Medical Center

Encino Hospital Medical Center is a 150-bed not-for-profit Prime Healthcare hospital located in Encino, California. It is staffed with 330 physicians and 520 professional support staff. Servicing the greater San Fernando Valley, EHMC provides 24/7 ER and Senior ER Services in addition to a wide range of highly specialized medical, surgical and diagnostic services. Attracting many world-class physicians, their professional clinical teams use an interdisciplinary approach to ensure comprehensive care for each patient.

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About S+AGE ®

S+AGE ® was established 28 years ago by Dan Osterweil M.D., professor of medicine at UCLA. S+AGE ® specializes in the problems of the elderly including early memory loss, gait instability, dementia disorders including Alzheimer's disease, urinary incontinence, and other complex chronic conditions.

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About Emergent Medical Associates

Emergent Medical Associates ("EMA") is a leading provider of emergency care and episodic care management services to patients, communities, physician groups, and hospitals throughout California. Their hospital clients include 20 sites caring for over 600,000 patients annually. Their proven physicians, proprietary methods and management techniques as well as uncompromising standards allow them to create "Departments of Excellence" for their clients based on the provision of superior patient care to the communities they serve.

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