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Internal Shout Outs and Acknowledgements

David Osipov, RN (Med/Surg)

"David is very good……excellent! He communicates well my medication & care plan. He is always checking on me. I am not worried of my stay here, nurses were great!"

Angela, RN (Med/Surg)

"Angela was my nurse for 2 nights during my stay and she really took best care of me. She was very informative, caring and nice. Thank you Angie."

Jaspreet Kaur, Sitter

"Jaspreet was very responsive, very helpful and friendly."

Dr. Leonard Herman, ER

"Dr. Herman absolutely made the difference for me as I was agonizing in pain in your ER. He was the kindest, most caring person and gave all the patients as well as me his full attention. He is a credit to your facility."

Aleli, RN ER

"All of these folks truly, truly made the difference! I was miserable and they completely rose to the occasion. Thank You."

Source: Customer Care Cards & feedback from discharge phone calls

Letters and Acknowledgements

April 6, 2015

"I would like to share my thoughts about Sheila Reynolds, R.N..

During the recent week-and-a-half long stay at your hospital, my mother, “N. M.” was Nurse Reynold’s patient. My mother is 85 and was there on a 5152 psychiatric “hold” due to her psychotic episodes and auditory hallucinations.

I have to say that the care that your staff provided was quite good – but Nurse Reynolds, in particular, stood out. As my mother’s Health Care Attorney-in-Fact, and more importantly, as her daughter, I needed to stay informed of her condition. Nurse Reynolds was warm, helpful, communicative not only with me but also with all the other family members. She was as supportive to my mother as anyone could wish………..

Thank you for all you and the wonderful folks at Encino Hospital have done for my mom. God bless you.

S. M."


"Dear Dr. Reddy,

This past weekend, our daughter, “J. W.” was visiting us from Arroyo Grande. She has a heart condition and Saturday morning we took her to Encino Hospital Emergency. They were wonderful and very efficient. We though you would like to know.


E. M. and B. M., local resident"