Serenity Recovery Center

Serenity Recovery Center

At Serenity Recovery Center we provide a comprehensive, comfortable and compassionate environment where clients feel safe to surrender to the healing process.

We set and maintain the highest standards of care in the substance abuse industry by providing our clients the best medical protocols and alternative treatment modalities for alcohol and drug
detoxification. Our resources are continuously improving in order to best fulfill our clients' needs providing the maximum support during treatment. What differentiates our facility is the value that we put on the human dignity of our clients. Our low client-to-staff ratio ensures that each client is known as a whole person. Our customized treatment approach emphasizes one-on-one care, giving clients consistency, with people they know and trust.

Who we treat –

We understand that the detoxification process can cause anxiety and concern, our staff is committed to giving you all of the care and information you will need to help you feel safe and secure. Our customized program helps you to manage your physical withdrawal symptoms and provides you with the medical attention needed during this difficult time.

Co-occurring disorders like depression often occur with addiction. Our world-class team of healthcare professionals will promptly assess the necessary treatment associated with the client's specific diagnosis. We are committed to address both the symptoms of addiction and the mental well-being of an individual to ensure that a successful road to recovery is met.

If you or a loved one has fallen back into addiction, relapse is not a sign of failure. You can always get back on the road to recovery. Our dedicated staff will help you receive the tools you need to move forward on the path to recovery.

Our experienced medical staff address all aspects of the client to customize a detoxification plan tailored to relevant and specific issues, medical requirements, and emotional needs. We provide a wide array of therapies to accomplish a successful and comprehensive detox treatment. Our luxury accommodations are designed to provide comfort, privacy, and value to our clients.

The Serenity Recovery Center is specifically designed to provide private and relaxed accommodations. Room features include: individual entertainment centers complete with TV, cable and movie access, private bathrooms and modern furnishings. Our wellness services include yoga along with therapeutic services, such as group and individual therapy, aiming to create a holistic approach to treatment for our client to regain the health of their body and mind. We provide an atmosphere that allows our clients to relax and reconnect with themselves motivating them to continue on to the next steps of recovery.

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